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Finding, Connecting, Your Photographer

We at Jet Set Shoot will assist you to find the best photographer for your vacation. Meet our photographer to get the best experience travel photo

More than 4 different countries

Find Perfect Photographer from 4 Different Country

Don’t miss the opportunity to find the right photographer from 4 different country with Jet Set Shoot. Make your travel perfect with good memories of pictures from our photographer in Jet Set Shoot.


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Connecting The Right Photographer For The Best Travel Experience

Find your favourite photographer with us. We will connect you with experience photographer for the best travel experience

Your Photographer, Your Way

Did You Have This Problem When Travel

Most of the traveller around Asean searching for personal photographer travel to joined their journey because want to take the best picture for their precious moments in family or person they loved.

Not Expert to take Photo when Travel

You need someone expert to take photo for yourself when travel

Searching Personal Photographer

Need someone as a personal photographer when travel

Not have good camera to take photo

Need good camera to take picture for your precious moments

Too Lazy to bring Tripod

You don't like or too lazy to bring tripod when travel

Introvert Person

You are introvert person that need photographer to take photo

Not Have Travel Buddy

You are solo traveller and need photographer to take your photo